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With our low-risk Pay-Per-Appointment (PPA) service, get pre-qualified patients scheduled into your appointment calendar – automatically!

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Why You Need Us

Let’s face it – dentistry is a highly competitive market and so to attract new patients, an effective marketing campaign is super critical.

However, marketing can be expensive and time-consuming, and many dentists simply don’t have the time and budget to invest in large-scale advertising campaigns.

Traditional marketing methods, such as print ads or billboards, can be costly, and dentists may not have the budget to afford them. Additionally, these traditional methods may not be as effective as they once were in attracting new patients, as more people are turning to the internet to find dental services.

Digital marketing, done in the right way, can be a cost-effective solution for dentists looking to build their practice by acquiring new patients. However, this still requires an investment of time and resources to develop and implement an effective strategy as it typically involves online advertising, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and website development.

The ‘Old’ Lead Generation Methods

When offering leads for dentists, most digital marketing agencies will typically source a bunch of generic leads from various sources and just send them to the practice. This leaves the practice left to fend for themselves, chasing up those leads and trying to book appointments.

The ‘New’ Lead Generation Methods

At Three Peaks, we go a step beyond the traditional lead generation methods and offer customers the option for us to pre-qualify our leads and schedule them straight into your appointment calendar. We also follow up with those appointments with text and emails to minimize ‘no-shows’.

So you and your practice staff can focus on continuing to provide a great service for your patients.

Pay-Per-Appointment & ROI

We’re fully aware of how important it is to consider the return on investment (ROI) of marketing campaigns. Dentists need to assess the cost-benefit ratio of each marketing campaign to ensure that they are getting the best results for their investment. This may involve testing different marketing approaches and tracking the results to identify which methods are most effective at acquiring new patients.

That’s why we came up with our pay-per-appointment (PPA) service – a performance-based service offering that greatly reduces your risk and helps maintain a high ROI for your marketing budget.

Take a look at the case study below and see for yourself how cost-effective it can be to get new patient leads for your practice!

How It Works


Discovery call

We setup a 30 min consultation with you to learn more about you and your practice, go over the service offering, identify the relevant sales ‘hook’ to use in your ads (e.g. free checkup, free teeth whitening, etc) and any criteria to use during the pre-qualification process.


Onboarding and ads setup

We onboard you into our platform and setup the ads incorporating the information we discussed during our initial consultation, including any pre-qualification questions required on the lead intake form.


Run ads and monitor

We run the ads and start monitoring their performance, tweaking and adjusting the ads as required. This is an ongoing process and ensures that we’re getting the best ROI possible.


Pre-qualification and scheduling

We pre-qualify the leads that come in, ensuring they pass the criteria required before we schedule them into your appointment calendar. We also send reminders to them via email and text to minimize no-shows as much as possible.

Case Study

The Opportunity

Dr. Geoff Jones ran a practice in Toledo, OH. Dr. Jones already had some experience in advertising with Facebook ads, however, due to time constraints, he didn’t have the time to optimize his ads and get the results we was aiming for. His existing campaign was really only providing his local area with an awareness of his practice but was not designed to actually bring in more leads.

The Solution

After performing an overall audit of his website and social media properties, it became obvious that he was not taking full advantage of the advertising power provided by the Facebook platform. We recommended a redesign of his existing campaign strategy from Local Awareness to more of a focus on Lead Ads. This optimization optimizes Facebook ads so that are displayed to people who are more likely to be attracted to the offer and fill out the form.

During our initial consultation, we decided that a $99 (60% discount) dental exam offer would be the best for the practice. This offer consisted of a package deal including a dental exam, cleaning and X-rays for $99. We developed several versions of ad copy in the form of a simple slideshow (see example).

The ad setup involved uploading the images and creating a targeted audience within the Facebook ads manager. Our main audience criteria included family income of more than $55k a year, family living at home in a location within a 15 mile radius of the practice.

As the screenshot shows, we had some great engagement with the local area, with 92 likes, 24 comments and 32 shares in a 50 day period. Just over 90+ new dental leads were generated by the ad during this time period.

The Challenge

The audit of the existing Facebook ad account revealed that the current campaign was not performing as well as it should and required a realignment. It was not configured to take full advantage of Facebook’s geo-targeting capabilities to bring in new leads. The cost to run the ads was resulting in a low ROI due to the lack of focus on attracting clicks or phone calls to the practice.

screenshot of dentist ad case study

The Results

Optimizing Dr. Jones’ existing Facebook ad campaign resulted in a significant uplift in not only his social media exposure in the local area, but also in the number of new patients to his practice. Results started appearing within the first 5-7 days, but as Facebook processed the accumulating data and gradually optimized the ads, the rate at which the leads started coming in increased.

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